Blood Donor Program

Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of blood available for transfusion to sick and injured animals. To ensure pets in the Monterey Peninsula area have life-saving blood products on hand, Pet Specialists of Monterey has founded a Blood Donor Program to provide for the regular collection and storage of blood to better support veterinary hospitals and pets.

Pet Specialists of Monterey offers a financial incentive at the time of blood donation, which can be applied toward future care at your veterinary hospital of choice, or at Pet Specialists. Participating pets will have access to the Program’s bank for a reduced fee, and without the delivery delays and potential shortages faced by national blood banks.

Does your pet have what it takes to be a hero?

Pet Specialists of Monterey is looking for heroic dogs and cats to participate in its Blood Donor Program and help save the lives of fellow furry friends.

Benefits to Your Pet

-Pet Specialists will provide a complimentary initial examination of your pet, including lab work, to determine blood type and screen for infectious diseases. These results are yours to keep and are a $760 value.

-Pet Specialists will provide annual blood count and chemistry panels during your pet’s participation in the Blood Donor Program. These results are yours to keep and are a $120 value.

-For every donation to the Program, Pet Specialists will provide participants either a $40 credit at its facility or a $40 voucher to be applied toward the costs of vaccines, flea/tick medications, or heartworm prevention at the veterinary hospital of your choice.

-Pet Specialists will make blood products available at a reduced cost for those pets that have participated in the Blood Donor Program.

-Pet Specialists will provide love, a tasty meal, plenty of treats and a bandana for your pet on the day of donation.

Let’s Get Started!

Blood Donor Program Flier

Interested in participating? Please contact Pet Specialists of Monterey at (831) 899-4838 to schedule a consultation for acceptance into the Blood Donor Program. Through participating in the Blood Donor Program, your pet can help save lives.

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