Carmel Dogs

When Bonnie Folster moved to Carmel by the Sea a bit over seven years ago, she started taking photos of the dogs at the beach and then doing paintings. she just kept going. she wanted to be sure to not exclude any of the regulars that she would see most mornings. Normally, when commissioned, these pieces, which are mostly 8×10 paintings or smaller acrylic on canvas, or colored pencil on archival paper, “fetch” $350 – 450 each.

Bonnie is off to her next adventure in Palm Springs, and asked us to help her get these paintings and drawings in the hands of maybe the pet parents, or someone who really connects with the pup. 

Rather than to sell it, Bonnie would like to give the artwork away. She asks that recipients make a donation to Max’s Helping Paws of whatever amount they feel is appropriate using THIS LINK or the form below. 

Bonnie had hoped for a popup gallery of sorts, however because of social distancing, we have an online gallery.  Once donation is made and work is chosen, it can be picked up at Max’s Helping Paws’ office in Carmel.

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