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My husband and I met when we were Freshman and Sophomores in college. After dating for 4 short months we decided we wanted to get a golden retriever puppy so we did (I don’t recommend this!). Despite the challenges of having a puppy, Abagail made us an instant family and brought us so much happiness. We were blessed with 14 years to love and be loved by Abagail. Abagail was a playful girl who LOVED her mommy and daddy (but she was definitely a daddy’s girl). She loved swimming, tennis balls, the beach, food and being with her favorite people! She always blew us away with her ability to scope out a long lost tennis ball hidden in drawers or buried somewhere. Abagail wanted nothing more than to just be with “her people”. And fortunately for her and us, my husband’s employer started allowing employees to bring their dogs in. From that day forward she was with one of us at all times, alternating between going to work with him or me. I own a pediatric therapy clinic so she loved coming with me to play with my kiddos. Abagail came into our lives at a time where we were just becoming adults, navigating our own new relationship and figuring out how to take care of ourselves let alone another living being. She walked the journey of life with us through so many  transformational times. From being college students, to our first real jobs, buying a home, getting engaged and married, starting a business, finding career success, selling our first home and moving to a new city. She was there through it all. After a valiant fight, in May of 2019 at 14 and half years old Abagail made it clear that her job on earth was done. For the first time in our relationship, we are navigating life without her.

Abagail sure was a special pup! -Lauren H

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