Founders Circle [$5,000]

Christine Hallas and Tom Rowland

Constance Murray & Dave Buckingham

David & Stacey Fradkin

Dr. Jonathan Fradkin

Ferenc & Christine Marki

Frank & Sara Rae Darabont

Greg Marsolais
Pet Specialists of Monterey

Jane Blank
J Ranch

Joanne Taylor & Ted Englehart

Knox & Carlotta Mellon

Nancy Eccles &
Homer M Hayward
Family Foundation

Paula Black & Laura Zehm

Susan Tarantino

Best Buddy [$2,500]

Amy Anderson & George Somero

Carmel Valley Vet

Dennis & Connie Hong Smith

Katherine Bucquet

Lisa Klein

The J Miles and Roseanne Reiter Family Foundation

Helping Paw [$1,000]

Alan Laschiver

Anita Dunsay


Dr. Michael Dearmin

Dr. Theresa Arteaga

Elizabeth & Michael Renkert

Jack & Marilyn Clifton

Jane Consani

Jason & Jennifer Steagall

Josephine Bunn

Mark & Kristy Devenport

Mary Arnold

Mary Sutherland

Rob & Stephanie Oliva

Valera Lyles

Friend of Max [$500]

Atri Chatterjee

Brandon Gesicki

Bryta Schulz

Christine Sweeney

Karen Truettner, Truettner Family Foundation

Karl & Lori Anderson

Laureen Simpson

Mary Ellen

Mike & Linda

Renee Luba

Shawn Wolfe

Stephen Bloch

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