Dutchess is a sweet six year old pit bull old recently adopted from the local Monterey County SPCA. Dutchess, a new addition to the family, loves going on walks, spending time outdoors running around her owners 40 acre property and playing with her owners’ two young children. Soon after Dutchess’ adoption, while walking with her dad on his property, the unthinkable happened. A mountain lion pounced out of nowhere and attacked Dutchess. Luckily, with the help of the other family dog, Dutchess and her owner were able to fight off the predator- but she did not survive unscathed. Dutchess was left with six severe, dirty and deep lacerations all over her body. With injuries of this nature, surgery was vital. The vet gave Dutchess antibiotics to prevent infection, but remained concerned about bacteria entering her body from the cat’s claws and mouth- making these wounds even more time sensitive.


With a good prognosis and quick action taken by Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital, Max’s Helping Paws Foundation (MHPF) was called to help.  Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital sponsored Dutchess to receive a grant. Because of the gravity of the situation, MHPF was able to accelerate the review process and to help subsidize the cost of surgery. Without receiving this life saving surgery, Dutchess would have had to be euthanized, as her family could not afford to take on this financial burden, nor did they want her to suffer from these life threatening wounds.

Dutchess’ veterinarian, Dr. Holt, said, “From the moment Dutchess walked into the hospital, her loving nature took everyone by surprise. Dutchess must have been in excruciating pain from her attack by a mountain lion the night before, but that did not stop her from greeting everyone and wagging her tail the entire time she was being evaluated for surgery. It’s patients like Dutchess that inspire our team to keep doing what we’re doing every day. Thanks to the work of MHPF, Dutchess was able to receive the surgery she so desperately needed and is now on the road to fully recovering, making remarkable strides every day.”




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