Any Monterey County veterinary practice can be a Max’s Helping Paws Foundation partner.

Max’s Helping Paws wants to say “YES” as often as we can. As such, we will provide any information our partner veterinarians need ahead of time in order to build efficiency into a funding process where timing is often critical. We will also ask that you essentially “vouch” for this client as a responsible pet owner, and confirm an expected positive outcome. After review by our medical committee, we will either approve the request, or do our best to offer other resources to try to assist your clients with their needs.  Please note, except for extraordinary circumstances our policy is to share expenses 50:50 with the pet owner with a maximum grant of $1500.  Grant funds are never distributed to the pet owner.  Rather, the funds will be paid to the veterinary practice providing care.

Categories of Coverage

Benefits of Partnership

Your clients with financial need will be able to afford a higher level of care for loved pet patients.

  • Your practice will be listed as a partner on the website main page
  • Your practice will be promoted in any appropriate marketing communications vehicles, paid or unpaid.
  • You’ll be included in appropriate PR efforts
  • Your practice will be included in any MHPF events
  • You will be able to offer avenues of assistance for your clients experiencing financial hardships
  • Access to partner-only opportunities as they arise
  • Other opportunities include advisory committee participation, speaking

What We Ask of Our Partners

  • Agree to help promote Max’s Helping Paws Foundation to potential beneficiaries and donors through a promotional card or small sign in your waiting room. Additionally, we welcome participation in other efforts to promote and fundraise for the foundation as you deem appropriate
  • Agree to assist your clients and patients in submitting their Pet Healthcare Grant Applications and completing Veterinary Application Review
  • If your practice is submitting an application on behalf of a patient, we ask that you provide a comprehensive estimate of care costs, submit appropriate invoices to the Foundation for payment, and keep the Foundation informed on patient and care status.
  • We ask that you consider offering a small tax-deductible donation a minimum of 10% of grant funds received by your practice or a practice discount. This will enable us to continue assisting your clients.

Veterinary Partner Enrollment & Application Sponsorship

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