Founder’s Circle

Max’s Helping Paws Foundation wishes to offer a myriad of ways to support the non-profit and nurture its growth. Individual donations are deeply appreciated, and our Founders Circle will become an integral part of the Foundation, and have a strong voice in determining the future endeavors of Max’s Helping Paws.


Membership in the Founders Circle is not for everyone. A commitment to support Max’s Helping Paws Foundation with a minimum pledge of $5,000 is required (with a pledge period of up to two years). The Founders Circle will be of service in a host of significant ways—many of them unique. First, it will help create a strong, sustainable non profit by helping provide an infrastructure designed to scale as we grow.   This does not, and will not include any salaries or payroll of any kind, as all are volunteer.  Second, it will contribute much-needed resources to our community outreach programs.  As all stakeholders are unpaid, we are heavily dependent on the generosity of others to help fund important programs that drive awareness and exposure for us.

In return, we will be creating both a highly visible plaque, but also placing your name on a Founder’s Bench located in front of Foundation Offices located at 451 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. Del Rey Oaks.

Please consider supporting the Founders Circle. You can contribute to this fund online by clicking here. Or you can mail a check to:

Max’s Helping Paws Foundation
c/o Pet Specialists of Monterey
451 Canyon Del Rey Blvd
Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940

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