Helping Halos

The only thing worse than losing a companion pet to euthanasia or surrender is knowing there may have been a way to avoid it. Max’s Helping Paws provides grants for those with pets in need of medical care.  Max’s Helping Paws Foundation can match up to $1,500.  There are times, however, when the maximum grant we can offer just isn’t enough to pay for necessary and often critical treatment, and the most loving and responsible person cannot afford the unexpected medical costs that will be needed in order to try to save their beloved pet’s life. And that’s where Helping Halos comes in.

Meet Nemo…he had the greatest angel! We firmly believe that financial circumstance should never dictate a pet’s fate.  That’s why we’ve launched the HELPING HALOS program- to allow you to see how donations are used, and to create a deeper connection between those whose lives you change.



Program Information

In this program Donor “Angels” will have the opportunity to sign up to be contacted in the event of a special circumstance or traumatic event where they can be personally responsible for saving a specific dog or cat’s life.  This program creates a deeper engagement between grantor and cause by enabling donors to have a greater say in how their donation is used. Our “Angels” will be able to specify the types of grantees they would like to support. This would be a directed donation towards treatment, and the donor would receive updates on that specific pet if they choose.

How It Works

  • The Donor Angel will sign up by submitting the form below or just by calling us at 831-704-6473
  • When a need arises that requires additional funding, the Angel may be contacted should the situation be one the Donor Angel would like to directly fund.
  • Once the Angel agrees to provide a “Halo,” we will notify the grantee and the treating veterinary practice of the gift
  • Should the Angel like to receive updates, they will receive relevant updates via email about the grantee, and of course photos when we can get them!
  • Donor Angels will receive special recognition on our donor wall if they do not wish to remain anonymous.

Our Promise To You

  • As a Donor Angel, you can specify how many Halos you might wish to contribute to each year.
  • We will never share your personal information if you would like to stay anonymous.
  • If you do not wish to stay anonymous, we will highlight your support in any donor recognition, marketing or PR efforts as you desire
  • Your donation will go toward the care of only that pet
  • Your donation is 100% tax deductible
  • When we contact you, you can decline to assist. We hope you won’t, but you certainly can.

Sign Up to Be an Angel

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