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The Pet Parents’ Guide to Thoughtful Decision-Making



On May 4, 2017,  Max’s Healing Hearts Community hosted The Pet Parents’ Guide to Decision-Making on Facebook Live.

Throughout our relationship with our four-legged family, we are faced with having to make many decisions on their behalf. These might be as simple as where to go for a walk today, or what kibble they might have on a daily basis. Or as complex and stressful as how to manage an illness or when to make the hardest decision of them all. Our decisions ultimately build upon our relationship, and form a bond. When it comes to making hard decisions on behalf of our pets, we can freeze and act unsure of what to do. We say, “they can’t tell me what they want, so how can I know for sure?” but there are many ways to tell what they need. We often second guess our decisions, feel immense guilt for making them, and wonder if we did the right thing for them.

Explore the internal struggles of decision-making, and finding peace with your choices

Adam Clark, LSW, AASW is a published writer, educator, and adjunct professor at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Adam focuses his work on the psychology behind the human-animal bond, specializing in endings and transitions. He is passionate about reducing the cultural stigma associated with pet loss, supporting pet owners, and educating veterinary professionals. Additional information on Adam and his current projects can be found at




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