Meet Max




Maximillian was 14 when he passed on May 27, 2016. I had the great luck to be chosen by him when he was 5 weeks old, as he left his litter to come over to me, climb on me, and put his nose into the nook of my elbow where he fell asleep.

Over the next 14 years, he brought me to life. Brought me incredible joy, love, devotion and friendship. Max was incredibly intelligent, playful, loving, and we spent – save for maybe 25 nights in 14 years +, every evening together..watching TV, playing games, snuggling, talking… I had built an entire world around him, as he was my only “child.”

When I met my husband, our dogs were merged, and Max and Chestnut became BFFs – they couldn’t be apart.

Though incredibly spirited and playful, Max was diagnosed with Diabetes in Feb, 2016. We spent months making special meals, testing him, taking him for checkups, trying to get his sugar under control. After 3+ months, we FINALLY did it (tough to do when you have a non-food motivated dog with a refined palate who doesn’t like to eat the same thing day after day) – he was stable. But his eating was irregular still…and we couldn’t figure out why.

Days later, he was diagnosed with rare kidney cancer. As quickly as we could we tried the experimental drug Palladia. After just a week, while waiting to see if it would work, the cancer started to wreak havoc in Max’s little body, spontaneously, and without notice, secreting insulin into Max’s system, causing a dangerous drop in levels… very dangerous. We were days away from seeing if it would work – but the likelihood of a major health crisis would be too high during the wait – it would require constant glucose testing, and pokes and shots, which Max absolutely DREADED. His quality of life would suffer.

With the fear of a major crisis in which he would suffer, we had to take action, and say goodbye. Without question, the most difficult decision, and the single worst moment of my life. But one that gave him peace, and no pain.

To share Maximillian with the world, and to honor his incredible devotion, personality, humor, spirit and gifts, we’ve built this foundation in his name.

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