Middy is a much loved Queensland Heeler that lives in Seaside, Ca. Like most dogs of her breed, she is active and has lot’s of toy drive.  She had chewed up the squeaker in one of her toys and required expensive surgery.  Her owners, maxed out their credit and pulled every string they could to get her on the through the surgery and road to recovery.  They were vigilant in making sure there were no more squeaky toys that Middy could chew up.  They ‘Middy proofed’ their house and yard. They were  paying HUGE monthly payments to pay off the cost of her surgery, and were within a couple of months of paying it off, when Middy gave them that “I did it again”, look.
Little did they know that now Middy was ‘into’ tennis balls!  They thought, tennis balls were safe, because there was no squeaker!  They had no resources to fall back on a second time.  They had used every bit of credit they could.  Facing one expensive emergency surgery was financially devastating.  Facing another, while still paying off the first, was catastrophic.  They were trying not to consider euthanasia, as Middy was such a beloved member of the family. That is where Max’s stepped into help. Middy‘s family received our assistance, and now Middy is on her way to recovery, again.  Her family  has become even more vigilant in keeping things out of her reach that could potentially be chewed up and swallowed. After her surgery, Middy has settled down and we hope she has learned her lesson!



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