Please meet Milo, an adorable  4 month old husky/shepherd puppy.  Milo‘s owner is a student, who has studied hard and become certified in her chosen field.  Now all she needs is employment..then you have your best friend and companion suddenly injured and no resources to pay for the surgery!  Milo was happily playing in his back yard, when he saw his owner out in front of the house.  His first instinct was to be next to her, which was his ‘job.’  She didn’t realize he had figured out how to come to the front gate through the side yard, from the back yard. His joy at surprising and joining his owner was suddenly almost his death sentence. Poor Milo was struck by a car, and suffered a broken jaw and leg.
His owner rushed him to Pet Specialists and soon discovered the extent of his injuries and the cost to repair them.  Being responsible she applied for and was granted Care Credit.  She hit up friends and family and was still a  ‘short.’  Max’s was happy to help her to cross the financial finish line, so to speak, and get Milo the surgery he so desperately needed. Milo came through his surgery perfectly and now  adorable puppy  has his whole life ahead of him!



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