As a tricolored Springer Spaniel puppy, no one thought she would be a great show dog. Fine with us. We welcomed Cooper into our family with open arms as a precious pet, and she immediately stole our hearts, including the hearts of the other dog and 2 cats. Even though Cooper was the youngest of the bunch, it did not take her long to become the ruler of the roost. Only in one category did she play second fiddle to our other hunting dog, who had an exceptional nose for gophers! With more patience than Cooper, the Viszla would stand on point for the longest time, pounce on the gopher hole, digging ferociously. Only then would Cooper join in as an assistant…bouncing around behind, catching all the dirt in her face (but never catching the gopher!).picture1

Cooper quickly became my shadow, following me from one room to the other, or inside to outside. She was never more than a few feet from me…what great company she was!. Cooper enjoyed “fine dining”, and did not like to eat alone. She would always want me nearby as she was eating. The rest of the brood literally inhaled their food, but Cooper ate one morsel at a time. Having a soft mouth, Cooper never chewed up a toy, but kept them all intact for many years.

She liked to play “show and tell” and would always greet me at the door with a toy in her mouth. She would take one from her toy bucket outside every morning, usually dropping them hither and yon for me to retrieve later. I am still finding toys all over the yard. Cooper was a TV nut! She would bark like crazy whenever any show or commercial had an animal in it…dog, cat or horse. This made it very difficult to watch the Westminster Dog Show because she would actually charge the TV, barking at all the dogs. There is a hole in our hearts, and this sweet dog is truly missed. We will always be reminded of her whenever another animal appears on the television screen!




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