Daisy, “Miss Congeniality” & Mae

Daisy was Mae’s helping paws guide/support  in every way as they approached side by side their 15th birthday on May 15th. After Mae’s weight loss and gall bladder ultrasound diagnosis we were preparing to pick ‘the day’  to avoid suffering that seemed imminent  . Suffering is something we would not allow but  there was NOTHING we would not do (whatever – wherever) – to help Mae continue living happy -pain free senior years.
We didn’t have that chance with Daisy.

There was No warning – NO options  to help Daisy.

She was widely known as the healthiest happiest senior dog ever ( scoring perfect on every test and as active as a pup). Some rare undetected horrible cancer was hiding in her nose and crept into her brain and took her in a day from first symptom. The only positive thing is she lived 10 days short of 15 years with only a few bad hours – and once in hospital she was sedated and pain free.

Right up to the very last hours she always had been – leading the ‘herd’ (Mae and us) and making friends along the way.  ‘Miss Congeniality’ if there was an award for ‘friendliness’. Everyone who knew Daisy loved her and will miss her.

A baby in Florida first word was ‘Daisy’. Senior citizens wanted to see her and pet her (and get a lick). People asked to have their picture taken with them …especially foreign visitors  on the walks along 17mile drive.
Now when we walk with Mae people ask ‘where’s Daisy?”   The reply is – ‘She’s gone on ahead…to the rainbow bridge”.

The day Mae turned around she passed Daisy on her way to the rainbow bridge. The opposite emotions collided on May 5th.  Couldn’t be happier or sadder at the same time

I will never forget the unlimited joy of sharing life with Daisy and Mae for 15 years.

Daisy was snatched away and she was the one everyone predicted would continue thriving  to some record age. But it is true – 15 perfect healthy years is a lifetime to be so grateful for.

Today- Mae continues as a sweet beautiful senior girl –  eating very well, liking short walks extended with riding in her stroller, sniffing interesting scents and engaged in the world along the path.  After many trips to expert vets in 3 states the unanimous comment has been …’We’ve never seen a sweeter dog’… Compliant, cooperative, totally lovable “little Mae”.

Who knows what comes tomorrow, next week, next month… but she is doing what we also want to do  – live one day at a time and enjoy the present – a gift of another day.

We sure love every day with sweet, loving, shy, cuddle-bug, darling Mae.

Thank you for your calls and email messages and sharing Max’s legacy with his ‘helping paws’.
The caring and understanding is helping in every way…healing hearts that are broken does take time, tears, and community of support.

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