Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals

The Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals (FCIA) is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is staffed 100% by dedicated volunteers. FCIA was founded in 1982 by Penny Adams, who, for the following 25-plus years, tirelessly committed herself to the rescue and care of companion animals in need.
FCIA takes in small adoptable dogs in need of care that would have otherwise been euthanized. Animals come to us from many sources. Some have been rescued from San Diego County shelters. Others have been abandoned or relinquished to us as the result of a family facing the loss of their home, or due to the illness or death of the primary caregiver. We provide these dogs with medical care when needed, compassionate foster homes, and plenty of love and attention. We work very hard to find devoted forever homes for our animals.

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