Leo, a one year old Tabby cat with a fabulous personality, was adopted by this beautiful family one year ago from a shelter. Severe blockages would continue to compromise his health, and this family knew they could not afford the required surgery that would save him, as the family’s income had recently been sliced in half to manage daycare for their three children

While they had to consider euthanasia, that just was not an option for this family.They were notified that a rescue may be willing to pay for the surgery; however for
that to happen, they would have to surrender Leo. Though heartbroken, the family agreed to surrender their boy if that would be the only way Leo could survive. It was
more important than anything that Leo not suffer. Max’s, in collaboration with other local nonprofits and veterinary partners, was able to pay for Leo’s
surgery so Leo could return home with his family. The day we got to make the call to Leo’s family… to let them know the good news…was one of the best days we have ever had.

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