Marlow, the Counter Surfer

Marlow, also known as Nemo,  was my beautiful yellow labrador.

I have been doing Lab Rescue for over eleven years and he was one of my Bakersfield rescues in 2007. Marlow was the sweetest dog in the world. I’ve never known any other dog who wagged his tail and greeted you with the happiest expression.  His favorite thing other than food was to get belly rubs!! He  did have this funny (sometimes annoying) habit when he met new people. He would smell their rears just as dogs do to each other. He was also a counter surfer always looking for something he could snack on. And the things he would find!!  He would open cabinets to look for snacks.  Among his treasures was a one pound bag of coffee beans. I couldn’t understand why this normally calm dog was bouncing off the walls and jumping over the other dogs until he vomited and all the coffee came out.  Then there was the time he opened the pantry door and ate the spices and the dried pasta.  We learned to child proof the house.

He was such a love, like no other. And we have had Labs (anywhere from two to five at a time) and fostered about 150 and none had his personality.  An odd thing happened the day of his surgery.  About five minutes into his surgery his littermate brother’s (Lucky/Cooper) called me out of the clear blue sky!!!  She said she had been thinking of us and wondered how Marlow was doing. This was almost ten years after we both adopted these brothers.  We miss him terribly and we know Dr. Marsolais and the staff did everything they could to save him.

Marlow aka Nemo and his brother Lucky were surrendered to the Bakersfield (Kern County) animal shelter. At that time there were almost no rescues that took dogs from the very high kill shelter but I found the shelter to have the most amazing group of purebred dogs who never made it out of the shelter alive. When I saw their photos on the website I called the shelter and was told they were scheduled to be PTS the very next day as their three day hold period was up.  Luckily the shelter rep who answered knew I rescued Labs from the shelter and she had a soft spot for Labs.  She explained that they had been surrendered with their leashes and PEDIGREES!  I asked her for a one day reprieve of so I could go there on Saturday to pick them up. She was able to get permission from her supervisor to hold them both one more day. I raced over to Bakersfield and picked them up and put them both in a foster home in Monterey. I was working with another rescue rep at the time and she placed both boys.

Well, they both bounced back from their new homes; Marlow because he ate the lawn furniture and something similar for Lucky.  Then we fostered Marlow and someone else fostered Lucky.  We kept Marlow and I placed Lucky (who is now Cooper) with an adopted in the Bay area.  At that time I contacted the breeder in Orange County as I had their pedigrees.  The breeder literally started crying because he had given the dogs to his wife’s nephew who  moved to Bakersfield.  They did not tell the breeder they had given the dogs up.  The breeder and I became long distance friends and Facebook Friends. To this day he doesn’t speak to the nephew. My husband resented the name Marlow because it was the name the people who gave him up had given him. So he called him Nemo while I continued to call him Marlow as that was his given name.

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