Sydney Noel Hains


Is there anything better in the world than a dog licking your face until you giggle uncontrollably? I don’t think so. Feeling Sydney’s soft fur against my legs when she burrows under the bedcovers, circling until she lands exactly in between my folded legs brings me such comfort and happiness that I don’t know if I can ever convey the extent I love her. No matter how long I am away during the day, I open the door to an exuberant, jumping bean of a dog with a tail wagging so hard that I am forced to drop everything in my hands, sit on the ground while she climbs on me forcing me flat on my back and pins me down with my head between her front paws and licks my face relentlessly.


When I am sick, she won’t leave my side. When I am hurt, she is my constant friend, sitting beside me ready to listen and love unconditionally. Sydney had moved back and forth across the country with me a couple of times throughout her 13 years. Sitting beside me in the passenger seat with a car crammed till busting with all of our earthly possessions. In reality, all I ever need and the one thing I could not live without is her. I want to be the person that Sydney believes me to be. Striving for that is a worthy goal worth pursuing for eternity. Even now she remains with me, in me, guiding me through rough times and reminding me to remain present for each beautiful moment.

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