As a non profit dedicated to keeping pets at home with their families, surrender of pets is almost never the answer.  Teddy came to Max’s through Aguajito Veterinary in need of financial assistance.  The facts of the one-year old dog’s injury weren’t quite clear, as the owners said this tiny Yorkie pup jumped from a bedroom window.  One of the owners, concerned about costs, was advocating for euthanasia of a one year old, perfectly healthy pup. The other, panic-stricken was considering surrender. the break was so severe that amputation was the most cost-effective option.

Once surrender was confirmed, several organizations worked together to try to get this pup out of what we thought might have been a dangerous environment, and Aguajito and Pet Specialists worked to fix the leg to avoid amputation.  The pup was taken home by a loving staffer and her other pups to ensure post-surgery comfort, and was and within DAYS an amazing, perfect new adopting family was secured. Teddy is doing INCREDIBLY well, thanks to all involved.

This is a case we will not soon forget.

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