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A Happy Holiday – Aspen’s Story

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Liz, Aspen's mom —

A rare site, this White German Shepherd named Aspen, has been a beloved companion to her ‘mom’ Liz for the past 11 years. When it was discovered Aspen had developed some masses, Liz reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance. Aspen had developed several lumps which needed to be removed with surgery, and Liz wanted to do her very best by her companion to ensure the surgery happened. As a responsible pet owner and qualified applicant, Max’s was able to extend the financial lifeline which allowed Aspen to receive the care needed at Animal Hospital Mid Valley.

When we let Liz know Max’s would be able to contribute to Aspen’s care, her response filled our hearts. “Thank you so much. It sounds corny, but I cried a little when I got your email. I’ve had a really tough and stressful time lately (as have a lot of other too, I’m sure), but to know this is a little bit of weight lifted off my shoulders and to get some good news has made my night. I appreciate all that you guys do and thank you for helping with Aspen’s care.”

After the surgery, Liz reached out again with a beautiful update on Aspen recovery and how they plan to spend the holiday together this year.

“I wanted to provide a quick update on Aspen. She had her surgery yesterday and all went well. They found one more mass and removed that as well, bringing her total to four. She had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia “funk” yesterday and neither of us got a good night’s sleep last night, but she’s resting and recovering next to me on the couch this morning as I teach from home. We’ll get her biopsies back in about a week, and she’ll go back to have all her stitches and staples taken out in 14 days, so it is going to be a mellow Christmas holiday for the two of us.

I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for your help with her medical bill. I am so thankful that my friend, Kim, reminded me of your organization and recommended I get in touch with you all. It is because of organizations like you that people like me are able to get our pets the care they need without worrying about other bills or having to “cut corners” somehow to make ends meet. I adopted Aspen 10 years ago now and she has been the absolute best thing in my life. She brings me joy and happiness every single day and I want to make sure she is healthy and happy for as long as possible. I firmly believe that dogs are one of the greatest additions someone can bring into their life and Aspen is a prime example of that in my life.

I cannot thank you enough for your help in getting us over this first (and hopefully last) hurdle. Crossing my fingers and toes that her masses come back benign/ clear and that she’ll be able to enjoy her golden years without any more major medical procedures.

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Many happy holiday wishes to you and Aspen both Liz! Love – Max’s Helping Paws

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Animal Hospital at Mid Valley is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in the Mid Valley Shopping Center in Carmel, CA. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, high quality health care for our patients, to tailor preventive approaches for each individual patient as appropriate. The professional and courteous staff at Animal Hospital at Mid Valley seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for our highly-valued patients and clients. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Animal Hospital at Mid Valley strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Carmel, CA and the surrounding areas. Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Animal Hospital at Mid Valley can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet. 


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