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Against The Odds Deuce is Alive and Romping

Deuce gave River a reason to be responsible, accountable and nurturing.

— MHPF Executive Director —

Sometimes, we see situations that don’t fall into our “regular” categories. Deuce was one of those times.

Max’s Helping Paws Foundation (MHPF) received a call from Bianca at Community Human Services Safe Place, a nonprofit that helps Homeless and At Risk Youth by providing a “Safe Place” for them to spend time.  All their services are free for transitional youth. After one of their regular visitors, River, came to see them with a new, adorable lab puppy, Deuce, who was clearly very sick with parvo, Bianca reached out to see what she could do to find support. MHPF serves responsible pet owners with a history of taking good care of their pets, but this was different.

River hadn’t had a dog before, and had grown extremely attached to Deuce, and vice versa. Even sick, it was easy to see that River was Deuce’s “person.” Safe Place, Max’s Helping Paws and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue all joined forces to help pay for Deuce’s life-saving hospital stay, even though the prognosis was guarded. With Pet Specialists of Monterey treating Deuce, and going far above and beyond to ensure he not only had the best round-the-clock care possible, but that he stay an extra day just to be sure Deuce’s health wasn’t in danger, Deuce’s life was truly spared.

River is not a regular kid. He doesn’t have a regular home to go to with all the comforts many take for granted. Safe Place is the closest thing he has to a home. Deuce gave him a reason to be responsible, accountable and nurturing.

And it showed.

When River and Deuce reunited, it was a sight to behold.

Today, Deuce is doing very well – as one of the few in the litter to survive.

River’s watchful eye, and Safe Place’s gift for recognizing their special bond, are why Deuce is alive and romping today. Bianca told us, “River was really upset, not knowing if Deuce would be ok, and that one extra night made the biggest difference for him. That’s a lot they contributed so Deuce could pull through, especially for a virus that’s so hit and miss”

About Our Veterinary Partner :

Pet Specialists of Monterey

<img loading="lazy" class="wp-image-4641 alignleft portfolio-lazyLoad" src="" alt="Pet Specialists of Monterey" width="239" height="79" srcset=" 300w, 600w, 1024w, 768w, 1172w, 150w, 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 239px) 100vw, 239px" />As the Founding Partner Practice for Max’s Helping Paws Foundation, Pet Specialists of Monterey is the first to offer 24-hour emergency service and a surgical-referral clinic specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and internal medicine in this area. As a referral practice, Pet Specialists collaborates with other veterinarians – from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz County – to ensure the very best medical care for pets. The emergency facility accepts patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pet Specialists does not perform general animal care, such as check-ups, dentistry, or vaccines.

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