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Beautiful Bonnie

Experiencing homelessness due to job loss during the pandemic, this owner had nowhere to turn when her beloved pup got ill. She found Max’s, and it made all the difference.

— Kiara —

Four year old Bonnie was adopted by Kiara as a puppy and the two have become inseparable. Kiara describes Bonnie as a “very loving and small dog” who has been a delight in her world ever since she was adopted.

In 2020, the two experienced a drastic shift when Kiara lost her job due to the pandemic. The tight strain on finances ended up causing them to experience a time of homelessness as Kiara sought employment during a challenging year. In early March, their world shifted again when Bonnie began having diarrhea, loss of appetite and symptoms of discomfort in her eye. In such a time crisis, these two depend on each other and the thought of Bonnie being ill was devastating to Kiara. Knowing her beautiful Bonnie needed to be seen by a veterinarian but unsure how she was going to pay for the cost, Kiara reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance.

Thanks to the generous community who supports pet companions just like Bonnie, Max’s was able to extend the assistance needed to get Bonnie to VCA All Pets. With this visit, Bonnie was able to receive the exam, medications and care needed to start recovering from her illness. Kiara took such quick action when she noticed Bonnie was ill that any long-lasting complications were avoided thanks to her responsible steps. Once treated, Bonnie was able to return healthy to Kiara as the two continue to seek out the next best steps for their world. We’re so glad you’re feeling better Bonnie!

About Our Veterinary Partner :

VCA All Pets provides veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from her first shots to a lifetime of preventive care, to keep her happy and healthy.Our services don’t end at our hospital doors. As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 4,000 VCA veterinarians.And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help.


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