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Caring For Colin

Between paying my own medical bills and loss of income this past year, I feel overwhelmed with Colin’s required surgery. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

— Judy —

Often, our clients are better able to share their story than we are. When Jody came to us in concern for her beloved Colin’s eye, she sought only to keep her companion healthy and comfortable while dealing with high blood pressure and eye surgery.

We’ll let her tell the story, “Hello, the Pet Ophthalmologist recommended you to me for financial help with my cat. He has to have surgery on Saturday Jan 9th to remove his eye due to a recent spike in his blood pressure which caused a rupture in his eye. That happened on December 28th. Colin is vital and loves life and is in very good shape for being a 20 yr old cat. I’ve been incurring $100’s of vet bills over the last 2 weeks with Carmel Valley Vet trying to bring his blood pressure down and possibly save the eye but the Ophthalmology for Animals vets say the surgery is mandatory at this time. The surgery estimate at $1829.00. I’ve paid $1077.18 in vet bills since Dec 28th. dealing with his condition. All of this is quite a hardship because I’m on a limited income and I am paying off a Cancer Surgery treatment I had August 2020. Thank you for any help you can provide.”

Not only were the medical bills becoming unmanagable for both Judy and Colin, Judy also explained her financial situation due to COVID. “My business is digital marketing for service based local clients and because of Covid people have cancelled their marketing services and are not eager to spend money on marketing if they can’t provide services on a consistent basis.” Between everything occurring in 2020, Judy knew she needed to take steps for Colin so he could have the surgery that would allow him to become comfortable once again, especially during his Golden Years.

Cases like these and so many others are the reason Max’s Helping Paws exists. To truly be the difference between a pet companion receiving crisis medical attention which can alleviate suffering, or not. We are grateful to say that thanks to our donors and partners, we were able to extend the matching funding needed for Colin to receive his surgery. He is once again home with Judy where they can thrive together as they continue to work on his blood pressure regulation.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Just as with human medicine, there are occasions when your veterinarian might suggest a referral to an eye specialist to better meet your pet’s needs.

Ann Gratzek, DVM, Diplomate ACVO and Elizabeth Curto, DVM, Diplomate ACVO, along with their team are here to help. We will work together with your veterinarian to diagnose and treat all conditions affecting the eye of your beloved pet.

                                       We strive to create a comfortable, pain-free and stress-free environment for our patients.


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