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Downward Facing Dog-o

— Thomas —Tyson is a great dog, he’s my best friend![parallax_quote]

This 9 year old pitbull mastiff is aptly named Tyson with his healthy bulk and strength. According to his owner, he also has the temperament of a soft sweet kitten! Thomas and Tyson have been together since Tyson was a pup, with their days full of work and play.

Early in the year, Thomas began noticing Tyson was having difficulty going to the bathroom and seemed to have less energy than normal. Concerned, he took Tyson to the vet, where he was told his beloved companion had kidney stones which needed immediate removal with surgery. While Thomas was able to pay $1,200 up front, the cost of the surgery was going to exceed this amount, which is when he got in touch with Max’s Helping Paws. Thomas shared that while he is working, his budget is limited and he need assistance to get the surgery for Tyson.

Thanks to our generous donors in the community, Tyson was able to receive the catheter, x-rays, medications, fluids, surgery and hospital stay he needed to have the blockage removed from his urethra. After this treatment, Tyson was able to go home safely with Thomas, where he was pampered and loved back to a full recovery. The last report was these two were back to a wonderful balance of work and play in their world! Thank you to all our contributors who make success stories such as Tyson’s possible!

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