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Fiesty Felicia

This kitten is having trouble breathing, I know it’s an emergency, if I can’t find help I’ll have to surrender her so she can get the help she needs.She has helped me and my daughter through so much already, I don’t know what we would do without her. She is our little therapy cat.

— Breanna —

Pounce, flounce, attack the plants and playing with the flowers! These are just a few of the many activities Felicia the feline loves doing in her new forever home with her ‘mom’ Breanna. Found less than a year ago as a beautiful stray kitten, Breanna and her family took in Felicia and she quickly became a part of the family.

In March, Breanna reached out to Max’s for assistance with Felicia. She shared: “I believe she has a fox tail in her nose as we have them in our back yard. Approximately 2 weeks ago she started sneezing, now it has become uncontrollable, she spasms when she sneezes, she is becoming lethargic, and now her breathing is visibly being obstructed. I believe Felicia is around one year old, I got her rabies vaccination and had her spayed at the SPCA under my name. I will be getting her seen again when the next low-income veterinary bus comes to my city. Since I found her it has been hard with Covid-19, as well as a loss in the family, as well as losing my job and trying to regain financial stability.”

Part of the difficulty Breanna was experiencing was directly related to job loss from the pandemic, as well as experiencing COVID herself. She explained the situation: “I was working as a fast food delivery driver, but I had contracted COVID-19 and when I was eventually cleared by the health department, I did not have a job to return to, as well as having to temporarily move into my boyfriend’s family’s house.”

Having to face the real possibility of surrendering Felicia, Breanna came to Max’s for support to obtain the financial lifeline necessary to allow her ‘baby’ to breathe again. With our Chestnut’s Fund established specifically for cases such as Breanna’s, Max’s was able to extend the assistance needed for treatment. With this assistance, Felicia received the rhinoscopy to eliminate the fox tail, the medications needed to alleviate the swelling and an overnight hospital stay to ensure no additional complications arose. After the treatment, it was with joy and love Breanna not only didn’t surrender Felicia, but brought her back healthy, happy and home to her family once again.

About Our Veterinary Partner :

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