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Izzy’s Ears

I (& Miss Izzy😻) would very much appreciate assistance to help keep her comfortable and well taken care of.

— Lauren —

Little Miss Izzy has cancer. She’s got tumors in both ears and her right one has been the source of a lot of painful ear infections that need to be treated by her veterinarian every 4 weeks or so to keep her comfortable during the sunset time of her life. Mom has been lovingly giving her Prednisone treats to help with the itch/inflammation of the tumors, vitamins and minerals that may help with the pressure of the tumors, and prescription food. Not inexpensive at all. Mom has been unemployed due to COVID-19 as her massage therapy business was shut down for safety. With months of unemployment at a very small amount as she is an independent contractor, she was panicked she wouldn’t be able to maintain the regime so important for Miss Izzy.

After applying for Max’s Continued Care program for support, Miss Izzy is able to get her regular treatments, which will ensure that however much time she has left..will be as enjoyable as mom can make it for her.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

We have been providing the highest quality, personalized medical care to the dogs and cats of the Monterey Peninsula since 1966. We offer comprehensive veterinary services and boarding in an atmosphere where clients and patients are treated with genuine compassion. We look forward to meeting you and your pets!


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