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KITTY BOOM BOOM and a Miracle

If it wasn’t for you and everything you’ve done.. your heart is so huge and this organization…..

— Teresa, Kitty's mom —

Teresa adopted Kitty Boom Boom when he was just 8 weeks old. One look into the eyes of Kitty Boom Boom and you can see how any pet parent would just fall in love with this ball of fur. So when the unexpected happens and your baby suddenly cannot eat, doesn’t want to drink, cannot urinate and you see blood? You panic, it becomes a real right now issue.

There is a urinary blockage and it has to be dealt with immediately. But wait, you are on permanent disability due to a medical issue from long ago, and everything you have goes to pay for the shelter over your head and food in the mouths of you and your pet. You have no money to pay for a vet bill, don’t know what you are facing and you don’t have a car to get him to the vet! You call the good folks at Northridge Vet Hospital tell them what’s going on, they set up an appointment for Kitty Boom Boom, you gather him up in your backpack and get on your only form of transportation to head to Northridge Veterinary Hospital – a Bicycle – and make a made dash, huffing and puffing to the Vet, realizing that you have no way to pay for anything of this magnitude.

Things were not looking good, and Teresa knew it. She sent all the good energy she could, and Northridge removed the blockage after a day of “tough and go”

“Its manageable and they even sent me home with a months worth of food!”

About Our Veterinary Partner:


1850 N Main St Salinas, California (831) 449-2446

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