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Lulu The LoveBug

I’m on a fixed income and I already used my savings. I didn’t know what I was gonna do.

— Naomi, Lulu's mom —

One of the best things about having a lovable dog like Lulu is coming home every day to lots of tail wags and kisses. Naomi never thought she would come home and see one of Lulu’s eyes popped out of the socket. Like any good pet parent panic sets in, and you rush your baby to the vet, in this case to Northridge Vet Hospital where they immediately took action to treat Lulu and re-assure Naomi that with enucleation surgery, some ongoing short-term treatment that Lulu would make a full recovery. With Naomi’s limited income she couldn’t cover the expenses needed. Northridge Vet Hospital is one of Max’s Helping Paws Vet partners who in turn which was able to help Naomi cover Lulu’s costs. After a few weeks of recovery and extra TLC time, Lulu is again giving out her kisses and tail wags with even more enthusiasm than before.

About Our Veterinary Partner:


1850 N Main St Salinas, California (831) 449-2446

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