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Miraculous Mylo

Family was able to help…but not at the moment of the emergency when we needed it.

— Reyes Family —

With a partner who travels in the military, Mylo was an outstanding companion for the Reyes household. With schooling and military training happening for both adults in the house, this family has goals they are working towards each day. This fluffy French Bulldog has been a frisky addition to the home and has brought with him energy and love. It took a little bit when he first came home to adjust to the family but after a few weeks began to come out of his shell.

Suddenly while the family was starting to sleep one night, they heard a loud thump and a squeal. Running to the next room, they discovered Mylo with his arm at an angle. Thinking he had taken an adventurous jump off the bed, it seemed Mylo underestimated the height and took a tumble. While at first, the injury seemed more mild, the Rodriguez household kept an eye on Mylo. Soon they realized his injury was causing him so much pain he stopped eating and began to have limited movement, whimpering at any movement to his leg.

Concerned the fall had more damage than they realized, the family quickly took Mylo to the Pet Specialists of Monterey when his symptoms continued. While trying to manage their class schedule and care for Mylo, the family stayed in close contact with the vet throughout the day. A fracture was seen on the xray and the estimated cost was upwards of $6,000. These 2 students were surprised at the cost but knew they needed to do whatever it took for Mylo. The family shared, “It really hit us the other option was to amputate the leg, that was the cheaper option. Or to give him up for adoption. I realized that amputating his leg would not be that bad, but I wanted a better life for him.”

Fortunately it was recommended to contact Max’s Helping Paws for financial assistance to have the leg reset and put in a cast. Another family member was able to apply for CareCredit for financial support for Mylo as well. This family was determined to take any steps needed to save Mylo’s leg and help him have the best quality of life possible. While they were waiting to receive payments from the military and family members to help, this family was grateful for the immediate financial assistance Max’s Helping Paws was able to provide. They shared, “It was a huge relief to be able to have the means for Mylo to stay in the hospital overnight and get the care he needed and help his pain.”

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Pet Specialists of Monterey is the first to offer 24-hour emergency service and a surgical-referral clinic specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and internal medicine in this area. As a referral practice, Pet Specialists collaborates with other veterinarians – from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz County – to ensure the very best medical care for pets. The emergency facility accepts patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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