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Rocky’s Recovery

Rocky is my little baby and I just can’t picture my life without her.

— Mireya —

When this lovely lifelong student and retired Corrections Officer Mireya reached out to Max’s Helping Paws, her story of hope for her beloved Rocky filled our hearts. She shares it best below:

“My 14-year-old cat Rocky had started to walk with a limp. Upon inspecting her paws, I noticed a lump. I scheduled an appointment on November 3, 2020, to have her seen at VCA All Pets. The vet did an x-ray and found that Rocky has a tumor on her paw that attached itself to the bone. She recommended a biopsy of the tumor. Rocky’s tumor was biopsied the next day. On November 14, 2020, Dr. Fling called me with Rocky’s biopsy results: Rocky has cancer and the recommended course of action is to amputate her little arm. I am currently on a fixed income through disability retirement and a full-time student at California University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). I intend on rejoining the workforce upon completion of my undergraduate degree at the end of this current semester. Through a combination of care credit and my credit card, I have charged the $1471 for Rocky’s labs, x-rays, and biopsy. I am on a fixed income, have incurred some debt in the form of student loans, and am now reaching out to Max’s Helping Paws Foundation for assistance in covering the cost of Rocky’s arm amputation. I have had Rocky since she was a tiny little kitten and could fit into the palm of my hand. She and her sister were adopted the same year I purchased my house because I truly believe that a house is not a home without furry companions. While all of my pets are spoiled, Rocky is extra special. She’s the one that sleeps in my bed year-round, not like the other furries that just want to sleep in the bed when it starts to get chilly. She is just the sweetest, cuddliest little furbaby and I am going to do everything within my ability to keep her alive and healthy. Thank you for considering my application for financial assistance.”

Thank YOU Mireya for allowing Max’s Helping Paws the opportunity to be the financial lifeline for Rocky’s treatment on this journey! As a qualified application, Mireya was able to receive the assistance needed for Rocky’s amputation and to return home again to heal. With this amputation, Rocky will have the opportunity to live her fullest life possible, with no pain, for her remaining Golden Years. It is with much gratitude to partners such as AWAG and the Doris Day Foundation that Max’s Helping Paws is able to allow pets to receive critical treatment and keep their families together. Thank you!

About Our Veterinary Partner :

VCA All Pets provides veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from her first shots to a lifetime of preventive care, to keep her happy and healthy.Our services don’t end at our hospital doors. As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 4,000 VCA veterinarians. And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help.


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