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Sampson, a special bulldog for a mom in crisis

I have tried keeping up with his vet bills. I am pleading to you for help.

— Stacey, Sampson's mom —

Don’t let his rugged good looks fool you. Sampson is a survivor just like his Mom and Dad. Stacey explained the rough beginnings that Sampson endured just to get to them, and without the love and devotion to his well being, he surely wouldn’t have made it to be 11+ years old. Sampson has had a chronic ear problem his entire life, a situation that became urgent recently sending them to Animal Hospital of Salinas.

It was determined that Sampson needed a complete removal of a badly damaged ear canal. This would be no simple surgery and was needed right away. Stacey couldn’t imagine how they would pay for it, since they are surrounded by a mountain of medical bills for her husband, who had been in and out of hospitals for years, and struggling to make ends meet, but they would do anything to make sure their Sampson got the care he needed.

The staff at the Vet Hospital knows how devoted these parents are to his care and referred them to Max’s Helping Paws. Reading their story it was easy to see that Max’s could make the difference for Sampson, and stepped in to help with his expenses. They will never forget the kindness and help that has been extended to them in this time of need and will always be grateful to Max’s Helping Paws.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Animal Hospital of Salinas teams up with our clients to provide informed, compassionate care to their pets. They continually strive to improve our knowledge, skills, and facility while maintaining a warm connection between staff, clients, and patients.

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