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Stars Align For Cosmo

Cosmo’s injury couldn’t have come at a worse time.

— Amy —

This sweet family of 3 has enjoyed their 4th family member, Cosmo, since they got him as a puppy 12 years ago. As a family, they love taking Cosmo on walks outside and to play in the park. On one of their walks, they were surprised by a neighbor’s dog who attacked Cosmo. Cosmo ended up with a bite on his left ear that needed immediate attention. Due to COVID-19, the Ausonio family was in a bind to supply the financial means necessary for Cosmo to be treated.

Turning to Max’s Helping Paws, they shared, “My husband is our primary income, and I am a full time nursing student. I watched other children beside my own daughter to supplement my income before COVID-19, but due to the shelter in place we no longer have that income. Cosmo’s injury couldn’t come at a worse time.”

Max’s Helping Paws was pleased to be able to offer the financial support needed for Cosmo to receive treatment. After skillful stitching from the Pet Specialists of Monterey and a cone of protection, Cosmo was able to come home to his family where he got the rest he needed to heal. This family is once again taking the walks they love together!

About Our Veterinary Partner:

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As the Founding Partner Practice for Max’s Helping Paws FoundationPet Specialists of Monterey is the first to offer 24-hour emergency service and a surgical-referral clinic specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and internal medicine in this area. As a referral practice, Pet Specialists collaborates with other veterinarians – from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz County – to ensure the very best medical care for pets.


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