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Teddy – Accidental Fall or Sign of Abuse

we don’t feel a safe environment is one where a pet parent would opt to euthanize a one year old, healthy pup.

— Dyana Klein, MHPF —

Teddy was rushed to Aguajito Animal Hospital with what turned out to be a severely broken leg. Mayra, Teddy’s Mom, had mentioned euthanasia as a consideration, which got the staff at Aguajito with their “hackles up.” She explained that this 1 year old Yorkie  “fell out of a window.”  Her Husband had been off work with an injury and she stated that she was trying to support the family the best she can on one salary. When the Vet reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for help, we reviewed the materials, and didn’t like what we saw. We were very concerned this pet had been abused, and after collaborating with other animal welfare organizations in the area, and with the help of Pet Specialists of Monterey, we agreed to provide the financial support needed to fix Teddy’s tiny, painfully fractured leg – IF they surrendered Teddy. They did, and within a day, Teddy had a WONDERFUL new home!

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Families have trusted Aguajito Veterinary Hospital since 1979 for all of their pets’ health care needs. Our Veterinarians and their staff look forward to meeting you and your furry, and exotic animal, family members. We hope that you’ll think of us for any preventative care health issues that may arise throughout your pets’ lifetime.


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