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The Force Is With You Luke!

Thank you, Luke Skywalker is home and healing thanks to you!

— Ruby —

With a name like Luke Skywalker, this 6 month old orange tabby cat will have a lot to live up to in his lifetime! When his forever family brought him home as a kitten earlier this year, he made their little family complete. Luke Skywalker has already been living up to his name by being adventurous, playful and extremely intelligent!

In late November, Ruby noticed Luke Skywalker limping after coming into the house after an outdoor playtime and seemed to be in pain. Acting immediately, Ruby rushed him to the Center Animal Hospital for care, where she was informed he had somehow broken a ball joint in his leg and would need surgery. Knowing about Max’s Helping Paws through friends, Ruby reached out to us and shared, “This was an unexpected injury and I just didn’t have the money saved up because of covid-19. Things have been so hard. He’s the sweetest little guy and somehow this injury happened just playing in the yard. The vet said it has happened to her cat and it’s an indoor cat. The surgery is kind of major I’ve never had anything major like this happen to a pet of mine before. With the holidays approaching and two kids anything would be such a blessing.” In a year of financial difficulties related to COVID, the stress of the fires and now trying to provide a nice holiday for her family, Ruby was overwhelmed when the estimate for surgery arrived.

Thanks to community supporters and partners such as The Doris Day Animal Foundation, Max’s was able to extend a financial lifeline for Luke Skywalker to receive his surgery he needed on his ball joint. Once the surgery and overnight stay was completed, Luke Skywalker was able to return home to his family, where they have supported his healing with love and tenderness.

Ruby shared with us, “I am so happy for you help. He is recovering well. Hates that little cage as much as we would hate being stuck in bed after hip surgery. But he gets out when the house is quiet and moves it around a bit.” We understand none of us like feeling restrained after medical procedures Luke Skywalker, but keep up the healing…and may the force be with you as you recover!

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