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The loss of a loved companion pet is painful, and sometimes creating something in their memory and honor can help us heal. Rainbow Bridge Tribute Funds are created in memory of a passed pet that will be used to help other pets in a health crisis. 

More than a tribute donation, this fund is your own unique page that will tell the story of your, or someone else’s loved pet, and can be shared with friends and family who might wish to donate to your specific fund rather than do a general donation. 

The image at the right is an example of a Rainbow Bridge Fund Page. Click here, or on the thumbnail image to the right to go to the example page. 

A $500 starting donation is required to have your own page/fund created, and then you will be able to share your page with others to contribute to the fund in your pet’s name and honor.


Multiple photos

and videos of your 

loved pets.

A special website

page you can share

with others.

The story of your  pet and what

they meant to you.

Inclusion in a special section of the MHPF tribute page.

Updates and photos

of those helped

with your fund.

Sharing of your SP

 pets story in social

media if you desire.

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