Chestnut’s Rainbow Bridge Fund





Chestnut was left at a veterinary practice back in 2005. To the great luck of Dr. Jonathan Fradkin, he took one look at her beautiful brown face and puppy dog eyes and felt her warm disposition, and brought her home. It was then she  became the light in Jonathan’s life. Going with him to work, and almost everywhere else, they were inseparable.  

When Dyana and Jonathan met, Dyana’s dog Max did NOT take kindly to Chestnut. She was too big and clunky – he thought she was a bull in a china shop, and let her know it with little NIPS at her face. She submitted and never, ever so much as batted an angry eye toward Max, as if she understood the proces.

It wasnt long before Max and Chesnut couldn’t stand to be without one another. Chestnut was there, every minute. We used to say that her day wouldn’t begin until Maxwell WOKE UP. She was with him at the end of his life, and wouldn’t leave his side when he was ill. 

Chestnut was never the same after Max passed away. Her soulmate was gone.  Until she met our rescue, who she simply tolerated at first, but then grew to appreciate him in her life. She passed away in May, 2019, and we were so happy for her to be out of suffering and with Max again so they could play together.

Chestnut was one of those dogs without even the tiniest bit of anything but complete love. She loved every living creature, down to the lizards on the pavement. I miss her
Mike Smith
Family Friend
To see her with her dad, you knew they were BOTH madly in love with one another.
Anna Adams
Family Friend

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