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"Thank you my little angel for all the joy, all the love, all the companionship, for licking away my tears, for being my comfort and for being the light in my world! "

In 2006, an unexpected and unplanned little bundle of fur joy changed this human life forever!

In May of 2006, a puppy mill in Missouri was raided and several Yorkshire Terrier pups were rescued. The only place that would take them was a pet store all the way in Virginia. So, before 8 weeks of age, Cozette Athena (a.k.a Cozy) was taken from her mother and somehow transported all the way to Virginia…I can’t imagine the fear and amount of trauma that little pup suffered during that most impressionable period of time.

Shortly after she arrived, I was told by a friend that there was this pet store over an hour drive away that had a bunch of Yorkie pups. I had just moved into a condo that would allow pets and was, the very next day, about to set off for vacation at the beach with my boss’ family and their 3 large dogs. Needless to say, I was NOT ready for a dog yet but there was this sudden breeze and something deep inside urged me go. I drove that evening to the store and witnessed rows of glass bins with groups of sleeping Yorkie pups in them…I walked down the aisle and, suddenly on my left, there was one glass bin with one little pup in it who immediately popped her little head up and put her paw up to the glass…all I can say is, she chose me! I bought everything I needed in that store and we started our 15 year journey together…with her first week spent at the beach. Yes…the next 15 years = one spoiled little pup!

Cozette was my world… She was my constant through several phases of my life and I am grateful every single day for that! She was sweet at times and a true little terrier at others. But she kept me on my toes and gave me exactly what I needed. She was tough as can be and made it through several trials herself but never whimpered…never cried…strong to the core. She had an independent spirit, held her ground and was the Queen of the household (even over a big dog and male cat) with no one daring to mess with her. But, she also had a loving spirit that just wanted to spend hours curled up against me…wanting to just cuddle and be together. Cozy loved walks, cuddle time, bath because then there would be cuddle time, playing fetch, eviscerating toys, pouncing around in the snow, eating popcorn, and her favorite…swimming! She had such a big personality and was her Mama’s pride and joy. I can’t imagine what the last 15 years would have been like without her…Cozette was a true gift. On February 3, 2021, Cozette succumbed to Cushing’s disease and liver cancer. It hurts every single day …My heart aches to have lost my fur soulmate and, although I feel her presence still against my leg and every time I feel a breeze, there is a huge hole that will always remain. Thank you my little angel for all the joy, all the love, all the companionship, for licking away my tears, for being my comfort and for being the light in my world!  

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