Monterey Fairgrounds Comfort & Safety

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The arena has a terrific Dolby surround system that plays comfortably loud for most. If you plan to sit outside your vehicle you may even want to bring earplugs if the sound is too loud for you.

Audio will be streamed via FM station 88.5 directly through your car’s FM stereo. Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. If you don’t have an FM stereo, or are concerned about your vehicle’s battery, bring a portable FM radio with fresh batteries or download a radio app to connect to an FM station. 

Another option is to tune in and connect with a portable speaker through Bluetooth using your mobile hotspot.

If your FM radio source is your car radio, your key should be turned to accessory mode. If you do keep your battery on, be sure to start your car every so often to keep your car battery strong. In the event your battery dies, we offer complimentary jump-starts that will quickly get you on your way.

If the chairs are out, then yes, by all means, as long as you abide by mask and social distancing rules. 

Multiple vehicle groups gathering to tailgate is not allowed for safety reasons. Guests are permitted to bring portable chairs and sit outside their vehicles if desired. Please keep a mask on when outside of your vehicle when not eating or drinking.

If your car top is down, you must wear a mask if you are not eating/drinking. Motorcycles are permitted and sitting in a truck bed is permitted however please wear a mask.

If your windows are down please wear a mask if you are not eating or drinking, if you have your windows rolled up, you may take off your mask.

For the safety of our customers, we do not allow firearms, weapons of any kind, drugs (including marijuana) or alcoholic beverages. All vehicles are subject to search. All garbage must stay inside the vehicle.

There will be a catered food truck with a  special menu for the evening where you can purchase items such as cheeseburgers, tacos, fries.  There are also concession and drink stands at the back of the Arena. You must have a mask on to order and must stand at a 6 foot distance while waiting.

Yes, men’s and women’s restrooms are located at the back of the Arena. Attendants are on site and cleaning regularly. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Please make sure to wear you mask and wash your hands.

Please adhere to the Fairground's Rules & Regulations to ensure safety and comfort for all.

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