Toby is a 9 year old Deerhead Chi and Yorkie mix, Tari got him when her daughter in law thought it was time for her to have company, as she hadn’t had any pets prior to then.. She’s had Toby since he was old enough to be adopted. Tari fell in love with Toby, almost immediately. IMG_4052After 9 years of strong health and an even stronger personality, Toby began coughing and having trouble catching his breath. “He was making weird sounds. He was gasping for air and I was up with him all night, holding him.” An urgent visit to Banfield had the Vet suspecting enlarged heart and heart murmur. Banfield recommended Tari take Toby to a specialist, and Toby was brought in to see Cardiologist at Pet Specialists, Dr. Michael Lesser. IMG_4053

The estimate for an echo cardiogram was far out of Tari’s ability, given she is in low income housing and on disability after a quadruple bypass of her own, with mounting medical bills. With a clear diagnosis, and a plan for long term management, Toby is under Tari’s watchful eye, as he has been since the day they met. “24/7, they were on your lap. He just wanted to love all the time.”

To see Tari with Toby, you can see a pet with “his person”. Toby and Blossom are from the same litter, and Tari takes them EVERYWHERE. As her “heart dog,” the thought of not being able to give Toby what he needed was nothing short of devastating for Tari. She was absolutely panicked at the thought of not knowing what was wrong with her baby.  After a call with Tari, MHPF was able to step in to help pay for Toby’s diagnostics and stabilization with Dr. Lesser. And now, Toby is back to serving as sentry to their home, and snuggling with Tari and Blossom, his litter mate.

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