Who Rescued Whom?

1You have probably heard or read some form of the below at some point:

–Pet ownership can help reduce cardiovascular disease
–Pets can help with PTSD
–Some pets can sense impending medical crisis, and help avoid it
–Nurturing the connection between animals and humans can improve overall stability and health

There is undisputed evidence that the human/animal bond has direct impact on our moods, health, relationships, stress levels and more… In this community, especially, we know this to be true – that bond with our pets is unbreakable, unbelievably deep, and everlasting. Some support these theories, others cannot understand the true benefits of these bonds.

Please Join us for a very special Facebook Live event hosted by Max’s Healing Hearts Community, as we engage Adam Clark, expert on the human-animal bond. During this one hour session, Dyana will moderate questions, and Adam will address topics such as:

–Is being so darned attached to our pets healthy?
–The difference between human loss and pet loss, and whether there is a difference
–How, as pet parents, we can truly listen to their needs when they don’t speak
–How to make the best decisions on behalf of our pet(s)
–Why the pain of dealing with illness, loss, or even thinking about loss can be dangerously intense sometimes, and examples of how people manage it.
–The unique concept of animal “partnership,” & how to deal with those who don’t get it
–Your questions!


CaptureAdam Clark, LSW, AASW is a published writer, educator, and adjunct professor at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Adam focuses his work on the psychology behind the human-animal bond, specializing in endings and transitions. He is passionate about reducing the cultural stigma associated with pet loss, supporting pet owners, and educating veterinary professionals. Additional information on Adam and his current projects can be found at www.lovelosstransition.com



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