Veterinary Partners

Monterey County Primary and Secondary Medicine veterinary practices are the foundation on which Max’s Helping Paws is built. The foundation seeks to assist local veterinary partners provide care to pets and pet owners in need. These relationships will thrive when partner veterinary practices view the relationship as just that ‐ a partnership ‐ based on mutual trust, goodwill, integrity and reciprocity. Please go to for specific information for veterinarians.

Fundraising Partners

Fundraising events are the lifeblood of a non profit. These partners specifically contribute to fundraising activities, and donate goods, services or experiences to be auctioned off during a fundraising initiative. In keeping with the evolution of technology, Max’s Helping Paws would like to hold fundraising events both online and offline, via live streams, social media, webathons and the like. Have something to donate as an auction item? GREAT! We love that. Know of a great venue for a large or small event? Fantastic!

Strategic Business & Corporate Partners

Our relationships with local business and corporations alike are critical partnerships that will help sustain the foundation long term, and help others the most. As an animal welfare nonprofit seeking to benefit Monterey County pets and their owners, it’s ongoing, trusted support that helps us move mountains. In return, we will use all available channels to promote your goodwill and support.

Promotional & In Kind Partners

There are a variety of ways to participate that are all immensely appreciated. Without long term commitments, these opportunities range from in‐store promotions to customized gift items and joint initiatives in social media, email campaigns and events. Heck, sometimes just keeping our beautiful brochures in a holder at your checkout stand helps a bunch! Feeling creative? We are open to all kinds of other ideas as well. In‐kind partnerships have tremendous value all their own. As a nonprofit, dollars are always tight. In kind donations help the foundation through donation of media and business services essential for awareness, branding and operations.

Community & Non-Profit Partners

Max’s Helping Paws Foundation wishes to extend the impact of our efforts through appropriate partnerships with other related non profit organizations whose charters are synergistic with our own ‐ to keep pets healthy and home with their families. When it comes to serving the community, the whole can be far greater than the sum of its parts. We will also look to recognized community organizations and associations to help us further our mission.

Partnership Benefits

Marketing is a primary focus of the foundation since we are brand new to the community.  We recognize that you have a business to run. That’s why we’ve pulled together every sponsorship benefit we could possibly think of in order to reciprocate the generosity of our partners. Though level of benefits with vary, all partners will receive the below benefits commensurate with sponsorship.

  • Your business listed as a partner on the website main page, as well as on a specific partner page with logo, description and links.
  • Your business will receive offers, as appropriate for brand exposure & visibility in MHPF live or virtual events and activities
  • Other opportunities may include committee participation, advisory roles, speaking
  • Your business will be recognized via signage and.or verbal recognition as appropriate in virtual or live activities, including but not limited to: Fundraisers, Informational Webcasts, Community Presentations
  • Periodic impact reports identifying to what, specifically, your support was allocated.
  • Your business will be promoted in any appropriate marketing communications vehicles, paid and unpaid. This may include, but will not be limited to email campaigns, community advertising, search engine ads, social media promotion and PR

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