Program List


All Program Eligibility

  • You and your pet must live in Monterey County, California
  • Your pet must be under the current care of a partner veterinarian
  • You and your family must be able to significantly contribute to your pet’s care.  Your portion may come from you, friends, other animal organizations, credit. At no time does the Foundation cover all costs for evaluation and care.
  • You must be able to prove financial need
  • You cannot delay the appropriate and necessary care of your pet while waiting for processing of your application for a pet health care grant. 
  • Your veterinarian must provide a professional opinion that  a positive outcome is likely for your pet if a pet health care grant is provided.

Ineligible Situations

  • Dental Issues arising from neglect. Trauma, Genetic or Illness-related dental issues are eligible to apply
  • Preventive and Routine care:  Vaccination, spay or neuter, routine dental cleaning or dental exams/extractions/treatment required arising from dental neglect.
  • Ongoing care of previously diagnosed chronic illness unless diagnosed through treatment received with Max’s funds.
  • Reproductive surgeries such as C-sections that are known issues resulting from failure to spay some breeds. May still be eligible for diagnostic fund support.


Regardless of other eligibility criteria, the Foundation will not provide assistance if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The condition being treated could have been prevented through routine vaccination, routine dental care, or more timely veterinary evaluation
  • Injury or illness is a result of neglect or abuse
  • Evaluation and treatment has already been completed



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