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A False Alarm For Lucy

I am a senior on a limited income. I’m afraid Lucy may have cancer and I need financial assistance to help my baby.

— Patricia —

Those of us lucky enough to have had a cat companion ‘choose’ us, realize how fortunate we are for these feline friends who share their space with us. Patricia brought home Lucy when she was a little bit older, about 6 years old, and the two have made a fabulous family! Patricia is a retired senior who is especially good at giving Lucy all the love and attention she needs to feel like the top ‘feline’ in the home.

While petting her back one day, Patricia noticed a bump on Lucy’s back. Not wanting to be alarmed, but keeping an eye on the matter, Patricia noticed after some time that more bumps had appeared and could be felt along Lucy’s spine. Sick with worry, she reached out to Max’s Helping Paws and shared that she feared Lucy may have cancer. While Patricia had enough funds set aside for an initial exam, if cancer was the problem, she knew the cost would be more than she could bear. As a retired senior on a fixed income, Patricia knew a cost for cancer treatments for her beloved Lucy would be well outside her frugal means.

This pro-active owner took whatever means necessary to ensure her companion Lucy would be able to receive treatment. With the assistance of Max’s as a financial lifeline, Lucy was indeed able to be seen by Purrfurably Cats for her bumps. It was a VERY relieved Patricia who contacted us after the appointment the next day and let us know, with a bit of a giggle in her voice…that the lumps were just matted hair on Lucy and the veterinarian had been able to take care of the matter in the office the same day. As her first experience with a cat having matted hair, Patricia feared that worst and acted quickly. We are SO grateful this was a false alarm and that Lucy does not have cancer! Thanks to our Diagnostic Program, Patricia now has serenity knowing Lucy is truly, a very healthy and happy kitty!

About Our Veterinary Partner Who Helped Sashay:

<img loading="lazy" class="alignleft wp-image-5089 portfolio-lazyLoad" title="Purrfurably Cats" src="" alt="" width="267" height="50" srcset=" 400w, 300w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 267px) 100vw, 267px" />Purrfurably Cats is Monterey County’s only feline-exclusive veterinary hospital. We provide cat boarding plus full medical, surgical, and dental services. Come and tour our full boarding suite which includes an exercise condo. For your convenience, we also provide grooming services in the hospital. You only need to make one stop for ALL of your cat’s needs.


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