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A New View For Tequila

Literally, if it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have been alive right now.

— Oscar —

It was anything but Happy Hour when 8 year old Tequila began having a swollen eye. As her owner Oscar, who, just a week or two after COVID began, was laid off from his brick and mortar appliance store. Oscar monitored the situation and saw there had been no scuffle between the other household animals, and nowhere Tequila could have fallen, his concern grew. Oscar took Tequila to Ophthalmology for Animals who assessed that both eyes would need to be removed with surgery.

Oscar shared with Max’s Helping Paws that due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has been placed on furlough indefinitely from his job and was not able to afford the needed procedures. With his family in a similar financial strain due to COVID-19 and unable to offer support, Oscar applied for financial assistance with Max’s Helping Paws. With the financial assistance from Max’s, Tequila was able to receive the needed eye surgery. Once the surgery was completed, Tequila has returned home, where Oscar has showered her with loving care on her way to health. She’s learning to find her way, and Oscar is there to help her adjust to HER new normal.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Just as with human medicine, there are occasions when your veterinarian might suggest a referral to an eye specialist to better meet your pet’s needs. Ann Gratzek, DVM, Diplomate ACVO and Elizabeth Curto, DVM, Diplomate ACVO, along with their team are here to help.


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