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A Shiny Pearl

I’m a hair dresser and am out of work again because of COVID. I’ve spent all I had on Pearl’s care already.

— Tina —

Five years ago, while out and about one day, Tina heard a small sound which led her to a tiny ball of fluff. This little kitten was lost and alone, and Tina knew she had found a new family member. Deciding upon the name Pearl, Tina and her new friend became fast companions in their world together.The bond between them helped make the past year more bearable as Tina, being a hairdresser, had to shift multiple times from working to not working throughout the year due to COVID.

With the latest shelter in place happening at the end of the year, Pearl and Tina spent a quiet holiday season together at home. In early January, Tina noticed Pearl was showing signs of discomfort when she would pet her, and she also noticed Pearl did not seem to be producing any stool in her litter box. Concerned for her ‘fur baby’, Tina took Pearl to the veterinarian where they were able to assess a blockage and Pearl got the treatment she needed to return home.

Only 3 weeks later, Tina noticed Pearl was no longer having any bowel movements, was not eating properly and her back legs seemed to be wobbly. After spending her savings on the last round of care for Pearl, Tina reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance with this very unexpected second round of treatment needed. Tina shared, “Due to the situation with COVID and this second problem for Pearl, I’m unable to afford any more for her care. Any assistance you can provide would be so helpful.”

Thanks to our donors in the community and partners, Max’s was able to extend assistance to Pearl so she could have the second round of treatment needed to start healing again. While it is always challenging when our companions are unwell, it can be even more distressing during time of great financial hardship. At Max’s, we are grateful to be able to extend assistance to bridge the gap between veterinary care needed and financial hardships. We hope you continue to heal Pearl!

About Our Veterinary Partner :

VCA All Pets provides veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from her first shots to a lifetime of preventive care, to keep her happy and healthy.Our services don’t end at our hospital doors. As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 4,000 VCA veterinarians.And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help.


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