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All The Tastey Things – Rocky’s Hard Lesson

We’re so scared for Rocky. He’s so little and we’ve done everything we can. My partner is the only one working right now and we just can’t afford to get Rocky the help he needs.

— Morales Family —

The Morales family was so excited to bring 3 month old Rocky into their home a few weeks ago! They immediately began getting his puppy shots and treatments so he could keep growing into a healthy boy. When Rocky began having diarrhea and vomitting, the family was scared he had gotten Parvo, which can be a life-and-death struggle for puppies.

The family reached out to Max’s for support in diagnosing what was causing the trouble for Rocky. They shared that as a family of 3, with a new baby, they were doing the very best they could for their family. The Morales’s shared that although only on one income due to COVID, they had still been able to save up the money for Rocky’s initial puppy visits and care. However, they did not expect anything like what was happening to their new family member and were scared for his life.

Knowing time was of the essence for Rocky, Max’s was able to extend the assistance needed to determine what was causing his vomitting and diarrhea. At The Blue Pearl, Rocky was able to receive the x-rays, IV fluids, medications and hospital stay to stabilize him and save his life. Keeping us up-to-date on what was happening, the Morales’s got in touch with us right away once Rocky was stabilized. “I just wanted to let you know Rocky is doing so much better now. He was dehydrated due to the little rascal getting into some pebbles and wires. We brought him home today and he’s doing so much better. Thank you for helping us so our puppy get the help he needed.”

Thank goodness this family acted so quickly for their newest family member! No matter how diligent we are, puppies do have the tendency to eat anything in their path. Luckily, thanks to the Morales’s attention, Rocky will have the opportunity to continue growing into a handsome dog companion with his family.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Pet Specialists of Monterey is the first to offer 24-hour emergency service and a surgical-referral clinic specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and internal medicine in this area. As a referral practice, Pet Specialists collaborates with other veterinarians – from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz County – to ensure the very best medical care for pets. The emergency facility accepts patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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