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Baby Baxter

I lost  my job due to COVID and now my baby is sick and needs help.

— Lucia —

As a family of four, Lucia and her household became a family of 5 when they brought Baxter home 6 years ago. This Beagle mix pup became a family member from day one when they brought him home. With no complications and perfect health these past 6 years, Lucia became immediately concerned when Baxter showed signs of lethargy, excessive peeing and drinking excess amounts of water.

Knowing her furry family member needed care, she reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance to ensure Baxter was able to see a veterinarian. Lucia shared with us, “I lost my job due to Covid and we can’t afford the testing and treatment for Baxter at this moment. Any support you can provide would be appreciated.”

Through our Diagnostic Program, Max’s was able to extend the financial assistance needed so Baxter could be seen at Blue Pearl (formerly The Pet Specialists). This initial exam was able to assist in covering an ultrasound, IV fluids, daytime hospital stay and medications to start Baxter on his path of healing. Without this support, Lucia and her family were going to have to face the possibility of surrendering Baxter or watching their poor pup suffer. Thanks to donors in the community…the third option of Baxter healing was possible! Thank you to everyone in the community who makes it possible for pets such as Baxter to remain healthy, happy and home with their families.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Pet Specialists of Monterey is the first to offer 24-hour emergency service and a surgical-referral clinic specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and internal medicine in this area. As a referral practice, Pet Specialists collaborates with other veterinarians – from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz County – to ensure the very best medical care for pets. The emergency facility accepts patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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