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Bella’s Blues

I’m a student and live on disability. I’m trying to take next steps forward in life but I’m not in a position to help my Bella. Please help her breathe better.

— Cassandra —

Beautiful Bella came into Cassandra’s life 7 years ago when a friend gifted her with this spunky puppy. Light, fluffy and full of energy, Bella has brought buckets of joy and a tad bit of mischief into Cassandra’s world. One of their favorite activities is cuddling and puppy pets, and one evening as Cassandra was showering pets on Bella, she noticed a bump on Bella’s chest. Not knowing what it was but recognizing it could be problematic, Cassandra wanted to do the right thing by Bella and get her seen by a veterinarian. However, being on disability as well as being a student, Cassandra’s finances were stretched tight, so when the veterinarian recommended surgery to have the mass removed, Cassandra felt overwhelmed with the financial expense.

Having heard about Max’s Helping Paws, Cassandra began having hope Bella could have the surgery needed to remove the mass. Cassandra shared with us, “Bella has a big lump in the middle of her chest that needs to be removed. It causes her to have problems breathing sometimes.” Knowing that any obstruction in breathing is a serious threat, Max’s was able to extend the financial assistance for Bella to have the mass removal surgery.

The latest reported was Bella was once again breathing normally and had returned to her spunky self once again! Thank you to our donors and partners who make it possible to allow companions such as Bella a second chance at life.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Dr. Timothy P. Cheney at the King City Veterinary Hopspital has been providing compassionate medical care for your pets for over 30 years. We are a full service small animal hospital located in South Monterey County. We at the King City Veterinary Hospital offer nothing less than high quality medical care. We go above and beyond to make you and your pet feel like a part of our family.


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