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Casmo’s Condition

I can pay for his medications, but I can’t pay for the bloodwork he needs, please help my old friend.

— Cassie —

Cassie and Casmo, a perfectly wonderful name pairing for a perfectly named pair! Neither of these two are quite sure who is the luckier of the pair, owner Cassie, or perfect pup Casmo. As Casmo is entering his Golden Years, he has begun experiencing all the things we do as well – a little joint and hip pain mixed in with a bit of slowness. Cassie has been diligently keeping him as healthy and comfortable as possible, making sure he doesn’t put any extra stress on his hips these days.

As Casmo’s hip progresses, he struggles more and more to get up and down. Thankfully, his medications help ease his discomfort and he is able to manage in as little pain as possible for an old soul. The next steps for Casmo is to evaluate his medications to ensure he is on the correct dosage. Cassie has been able to manage to afford these medications for some time, but new blood work needed to be done to verify Casmo was receiving the correct dosage. Cassie reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance with the blood work, sharing, “I have enough money to pay for his medications, but I need help to pay for the blood work. He won’t be able to get the next stage of medication without the blood work and I don’t want to see my friend suffer.”

We understand how important it is to try and keep our companions in as little pain as possible, especially during their Golden Years. As Cassie qualified for assistance, we were able to extend the means necessary to enable Casmo to get his blood work done. Now, Casmo is still able to continue his pain medication safely and ease his discomfort as much as possible. Enjoy your Golden Years Casmo!

About Our Veterinary Partner Who Helped Honey:

<img loading="lazy" class="alignleft wp-image-4965 portfolio-lazyLoad" src="" alt="" width="138" height="92" srcset=" 325w, 300w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 138px) 100vw, 138px" />Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary practice, with a focus is to provide your pet with the very best professional care possible.We know that exemplary medical care is just part of what you expect for your pet. You also want people who will love your pet the way you do. At Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital, you’ll find caring and compassionate people who, like you, prioritize your pet’s health and well-being.


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