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Cotton’s Cure

Our whole family loves Cotton and we want the best for him…he’s a part of the family.

— Sandra —

Hello to this black and white tabby named Cotton! Owner Sandra could not have asked for a better companion than Cotton has been over the past 6 years for their family of four. Even-tempered, playful and super snuggly, Cotton has been a part of the family ever since he was a tiny kitten years ago.

In fact, Cotton has been so healthy over the past 6 years, it was an extra shock when he suddenly became lethargic and was not able to urinate properly. Sandra and her family were greatly distressed by Cotton’s show of illness and monitored his progress very closely. Just a few short months ago, Cotton had received his regular visit to the vet and this unexpected change in behavior was very disturbing. Realizing this was not just a passing kitty cold or other small problem, Sandra knew Cotton needed to be seen by a vet.

As a family of four living on one income, the funds were stretched tight within the household. Sandra had heard of Max’s through a friend and reached out for assistance to get Cotton to the vet before the situation turned into a costly emergency. Their only goal was to help their family member Cotton and get him the care he needed to be healthy again. Thanks to the support of partner organizations and our local community supporters, Cotton was able to receive the funds to be seen by Monterey Peninsula Animal Hospital. It turns out that Sandra was just in time with her quick response for Cotton, as he had a urinary tract infection that could have caused much larger issues for his body. The quick response by Sandra and her family allowed Cotton to receive the medications, hospital stay and care he needed to once again return healthy, happy and home to his family after treatment.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is a well-established, 24/7/365, full service, state-of-the-art hospital which is known for providing compassionate pet care as well as for our highly experienced and well-trained veterinary team that possess the ability to provide a wide range of veterinary services in our all-encompassing facility. MPVESC’s many capabilities and service areas exemplify the versatility of our practice, and we strive to be as flexible and effective as possible in all that we do.


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